Give your daily routine an upgrade with our Everyday Bundle

Our skin experiences wear and tear on a daily basis due to busy schedules and a shortage of time. The results often lead to frustration and disappointment. This one’s for all the busy bees. Balancing time to do all the chores on the ‘to-do list’ and finding whatever little time is left to get some more work done leaves no room for self-care. This extremely busy lifestyle is sure to take a toll on the body and skin. While we realise the need to eat to survive, we end up ignoring the need to look after our skin.

Our skin, especially our face, can say a lot about our lifestyle. From the dark spots that end up making their home right under our eyes to the dull skin that lacks moisture and glow, our face is literally the mirror of how we live and feel.

Getting healthy skin feels more like a dreamy concept than a possible reality. Let us lend you a hand and share our specially curated bundle. It’s time you gave yourself an upgrade and started your skincare routine with 4 easy steps. Introducing you all to our Everyday Bundle, which is just the right thing to get started with a basic skincare regimen.

Reasons why you quickly need to add this to your routine Well, we don’t have just one reason, but three!


If you are living a busy life and new to skincare, this is just the bundle for you. With a simple 4-product routine, you can start your journey to protect and heal the skin from all the exhaustion.


The bundle is curated with keeping in mind to get the maximum results. Be assured to have all the desired results while having a hectic schedule.


With a short but efficient skincare routine, this bundle will save you time.  

Get “that” hydrated and glowing skin all day long with these: 

Step 1: Facewash

Hydrates | Double cleanses | Purifies

Give your face a boost of hydration and clean all the dirt without getting rid of the natural oil. 

Step 2: Vitamin C serum

Brightens | Gently exfoliates | Lightens dark spots

A fuss-free serum that works miracles on uneven skin tone and visibly reduces dark circles with regular use.

Step 3: Baesic Moisturiser

Soothing | Nourishing | 24hrs hydration

The lightweight formula leaves you with smooth skin. It combats inflammation and redness. Useful in reducing acne and dark spots too.

Step 4: Sundowner Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++

Protects | Hydrates | Leaves no white cast

Your year-long buddy with a lightweight SPF that protects your skin from harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Can be used as a primer too before makeup.

Well, we have given you enough reasons to have this added to your routine. Don’t let the busy schedule stop you from caring for your skin. This is your sign to get the Everyday Bundle and see the changes happening in your skin. Curated for a fuss-free routine that gives you healthy and glowing skin.

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