3AM: Your friend for skin, body, and mind
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3AM: Your friend for skin, body, and mind

3AM: Your friend for skin, body, and mind

The recent few years have been instrumental in bringing out the importance of having a regular and credible skincare routine. Counting from the start, the rage was about the number of steps one has in their routine, and coming up to recent times it is all about decluttering your routine with a few simple steps. Now, it is about saving time, money, effort, and mother earth. 

Choosing and buying the right product that will suit the skin and is not burning a hole in the pocket results in an endless amount of research and trial and error. All this process is not only time-consuming but also requires a lot of money and patience. What our skin has to go through all this while is a different saga altogether. Some products have mild and others may leave with serious side effects, leading to a bunch of other problems too. 

This whole ordeal often leaves the person intimidated by the idea of developing a skincare regimen that works for them and is hassle-free too. Well look no further and research no more, 3AM is here for you, us, and all

With years of research and finding similar experiences faced by the people, the conception and philosophy formed the foundation of 3AM. The core belief behind 3AM as a skincare brand is that skincare should not come across as a luxury that only a few can afford. It should be something that is not only accessible but also easy to understand as well. Skincare should be about feeling confident in one’s own skin. It focuses on how you as a user can feel the differences. It is about creating a unique experience for YOU. Our products come with no conditions. 

Skincare with no Skin-type!

Knowing that the consumers will be from India, all the ingredients sourced are Indian-originated, making it even more suitable for Indian skin. We made sure that no matter the skin-type products should be suitable for them all. 


If you ask what makes it even more desirable? Our products are vegan and cruelty-free too. Yes! Our products are furry friends approved too. Now you don’t have to worry about long hours of groundwork to find something that matched not only your skin but your value type. 

Safe for mothers

That's not even the end of it, we know how worried new mothers are about using the right skincare products that work for them without compromising the health of their young ones. Thus, we made sure that all our products cater to them and are safe during pregnancy and for lactating mothers. No reason to fall short on self-care with your 3AM friend!

Sustainable & FDA approved

All our products are made consciously with keeping mother nature in mind and are made with sustainable products. Not only this, 3AM is an FDA-approved brand with our trusted team of dermatologists ensuring it is safe for use. 

Clean Beauty

Our products are all plant-based ingredients that are healthy for the skin and body. It is free of all the nasties that are harmful to the skin. It is free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones making it safe to use for anyone. 

Skincare for all gender and ages

Our products are curated with utmost care and love. They can be used by consumers of any age and gender. No product is made specifically for a single person, making it more friendly for the consumer without any hassle.

When we say that 3AM is your friend for skin, body, and mind, we mean it. Our love and products come with no conditions. Get your 3AM friend NOW!

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