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The ultimate guide to using face serums

The ultimate guide to using face serums

Your skincare routine is incomplete without a good face serum. A serum is not a regular moisturizer or mist. It is a concentrated liquid, a few drops of which can transform your skin’s health and help it glow.

This article is dedicated to helping you understand the importance of face serums and how you should use them.

What is a face serum?

It is a concentrate of powerful ingredients that sinks into the skin quickly and easily, rectifying common skin conditions. Serums are commonly oil-based or water-based. They are very lightweight and non-sticky. They don’t leave any residue behind either.

What does a face serum do?

Our skincare regime is already quite detailed and involves multiple steps. You might wonder if you really need a face serum too. We say yes for the following reasons:

  •   It soothes sensitive skin and has a very calming effect.
  •   It creates a protective barrier on the skin to minimize future damage.
  •   A face serum is quite hydrating and serves as an excellent pre-cursor for makeup.
  •   It is not greasy or heavy.
  •   Since it is a concentrate made of active ingredients, it acts quickly. The results are easily visible.
  •   Good face serums have vitamin C, green tea, and other such ingredients that protect from UV rays and pollution.

How to use a face serum

Face serums usually serve as the base layer. So, before you apply your sunscreen, moisturizer, and other makeup products, you should apply the serum.

  •   Use the dropper to apply just a few drops on your skin
  •   Then, using your fingertips, spread it onto the skin. Be very gentle and ensure you cover the entire face.

What is the best serum for the face?

Serums are formulated to address different skincare problems. Make sure you pick the right one based on your condition (pigmentation, aging, dark circles, sun spots, etc.) and use it accordingly. Common types of face serums are:

  •   Anti-aging serums
  •   Skin texture serums
  •   Acne serums
  •   Serums for sensitive skin
  •   Free-radical fighting serums
  •   Skin brightening serums
  •   Hydrating serums

The active ingredients used vary depending on the problem the face serums are solving. This is why the best face serum for you is contingent on your skin type. However, one thing to remember is to choose natural serums that are made of plant-based ingredients.


The benefits of face serums are many. They are indeed little bottles of glow! So, make sure you add them to your daily routine and see your skin blossom like never before!

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