Tis the season to GLOW!
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Tis the season to GLOW!

Tis the season to GLOW!

The festive season is here and all of us are excited to look our best and dazzle our way through the parties. To look our best we use the top makeup products that can stay all day long which comes at a cost. All the heavy makeup and late-night get-together are sure to take a toll on your body and skin. When one’s body is stressed it is very easily visible on the skin, especially the face. 

From breaking out to the loss of hydration, we are left with undesired skin. Not only this but the under-eye dark circles feels like too much to deal with. The list of skin issues will always go on. On top of that, all that makeup leaves a sense of burning and inflammation which is tough to deal with but the right kind of skincare products can reduce that sensation and can even heal it to an extent as well. 

Check out these amazing kits from 3AM INDIA for your go-to solution for this festive season which can be a good option for gifting as well. 

  • Anti-Acne Kit

Our Anti-Acne kit consists of Speed Dial Face Mist, Tvach Facewash, Acne & Hyperpigmentation serum, and Baesic Moisturiser. This kit is the best to go with if you are looking to avoid or treat your acne and scaring. Not only this but the kit got you covered for combating issues like lack of hydration and blackheads etc. 

  • Glow Kit

Our Glow kit consists of Speed Dial Face Mist, Tvach Facewash, Baesic Moisturiser, Exfoliation & Glow serum, and Sundowner Sunscreen. Lack of hydration can also make your skin look dull. With this in mind, our Glow kit consists of products that help in achieving instant hydration and give your skin the boost it needs. 

  • Exfoliation Kit

Our Exfoliation kit consists of Tvach Facewash, Exfoliation & Glow serum, Baesic Moisturiser, and Sundowner sunscreen. This kit is the best to give your skin the best exfoliation and unclog all the pores. Allow your skin to breathe with 3AM’s Exfoliation kit and beat all the dirt that is filling up your pores. 

After long hours of socialising and a lot more to go one needs an instant boost of hydration and has as few products to carry in their bag as one can to fix their makeup. Our kit is tailored to meet all your needs. All you need is to carry our Speed Dial Face Mist as your one-stop solution for toner, setting spray, and boosting hydration. 

Now, no one can stop you from glowing and being the star of every party you go to!

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