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Why is self-care the ultimate form of love?

Why is self-care the ultimate form of love?

It is everyone’s wish to be loved by someone who is just right for them. We as human beings put everyone first and shower all the love on them. When it comes to loving ourselves it takes a back seat. Going by the dictionary meaning self-love is appreciating one’s own worth. 

It is about taking care of yourself and keeping your needs first. It is about celebrating being you. The concept of self-care does not limit itself to just appreciating yourself but to looking after what you eat, drink, and think about. It is about respecting your skin, body, and mind’s needs. 

Why self-care? 

Self-care is required to feel confident, to understand one’s worth, and not let what the world says dictate our life. It is important to feel beautiful about yourself and not let yourselves become puppets to irrational beauty standards. It is about redefining and bringing a new dawn of beauty. 

Self-care, but what to look after?


Your body is not only about what you eat but it’s a composite reflection of what you think, and drink, the amount of sleep you take, and the environment you live in. The largest body part is your skin and how well your body is doing get’s reflected on your skin too. All skin issues that we face like acne, hyperpigmentation, pimples, etc. are the results of what our body is subjected to. 


Your hair is an extension of your body only and if you do not care enough for it the hair can lose its shine. It’s not just hair that you are overlooking but the scalp as well which is skin too. 


Mind is a very sacred place for everyone. It is what you feed it, whether it be food or thoughts. If you are not feeding your mind positive thoughts it will get reflected on your body and skin. 


Many people relate confidence to beautiful skin. But what is beautiful skin? Shouldn't the emphasis be on maintaining good skin instead? Healthy skin will not only make you feel good but confident too. It bottles down to making conscious decisions about what products suit your skin and listening to your skin issues like a friend. 

Your 3AM skin friend

We at 3AM believe that self-care is the ultimate form of love you can seek. It begins with you. With this in mind, we curated products that advocate self-love and self-care. Our products are ‘Inspired by you and whipped for you’. Get your journey of self-care started with our no-fuss products that do not come with expectations but only unconditional love and a 3AM friend. 

Looking to start your skincare journey? We got just the right thing for you. Our Daily Routine Bundle is carefully designed for daily use focused on providing hydration and protection all day long. The kit consists of Speed Dial Face Mist, Sundowner Sunscreen, and Baesic Moisturiser. This kit with multifunctional benefits will become your go-to and save you bucks too. This is the green flag you need to look for in your skincare friend. 

After all, self-care is all about pampering yourself and loving yourself unconditionally. If you’ll not do it, who will?

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