Common Skincare Issues Amongst Teenagers
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Common Skincare Issues Amongst Teenagers

Common Skincare Issues Amongst Teenagers

Teenage is a phase when one goes through puberty and faces a lot of changes both internally and externally. A lot of hormonal changes take place that ranges from a spurt in height, deepened voice in males, mensuration in females, and more. This is just one aspect of growing up and going through puberty. More and more changes are happening internally that sometimes show both on our skin and scalp. 

A few common skincare issues that teenagers go through are: 


One of the most prevalent skin issues troubling youngsters is acne. It is primarily brought on by overactive oil glands in the skin and an accumulation of germs, dead skin cells, and oil that causes pore inflammation. Teenagers are more likely to get acne because the hormones that become active during puberty activate the oil glands. Acne can develop on your face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders, which have the most active oil glands.

Oily skin:

Oily skin may be inherited, but for other people, hormonal changes that result in excessive oil production may be to blame. The extra sebum that is present beneath the skin is the source of this.

All over the body, except for the palms and soles, are sebaceous glands, which are tiny oil-producing glands. On the scalp and face, they are widely distributed. Per square inch, there could be 2,500–6,000 of them. The sebaceous glands, which are linked to the hair follicles, secrete a natural oil known as sebum.


Sweating is a general phenomenon for every human being though when one goes through puberty one can witness excessive sweating. Excessive sweating can be due to stress. They can notice it mostly in their t-zones like the forehead, around the nose, and above the lips. One can even notice it in their underarms too. 


Teenagers frequently suffer from the skin condition eczema. If you have eczema as a youngster, there is a probability that it will continue into adolescence. Your skin is likely to become dry and irritated with this situation. There is a potential that the skin problem will worsen if you use sports equipment on your knees or elbows for long periods.


A sunburn is a burn brought on by excessive sun exposure. Any individual can get a sunburn, but teens may be more susceptible if they engage in outdoor physical activities without using sunscreen. Sun protection is crucial for people of all ages because sunburn is one of the main causes of many skin disorders, including cancer. So teenagers must keep this in mind while going out. 

Going through puberty can be a daunting experience especially when there are so many beauty benchmarks set out. One must know that going through this stage and facing all the new changes are a part of going through a new phase and onto the next. It is important to know that it’s okay and that accepting the changes will take time. More importantly, the changes of puberty are not always defined by age some can experience it early, some do it on time and for some, it can take time to go through all the changes mentioned below. 

Accepting the changes and working on a healthy lifestyle is the only way to go. This will also help you with your skin issues and in developing a skincare regimen that suits your skin. A skincare routine that is not extensive, nor it is expensive but simple, clean, and effective. 

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