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Have you tweaked your skincare routine for the winter yet?

Have you tweaked your skincare routine for the winter yet?

Winter Skincare Routine

As the temperature begins to dip, the cooler winds are certain to have a drying effect on your skin. Hence, it becomes necessary to change your routine to suit the changes and adapt. Incorporating more moisturising elements like humectants, emollients and occlusives in some cases are vital. Depending on how your skin feels, it might be necessary to add or take away products from your regimen to create an ideal skincare routine. The trick is to fine-tune it.

For instance, before you use the moisturiser, a subtle inclusion of humectants could help your skin feel more hydrated. Ingredients like aloe vera and glycerin have excellent humectant properties.

Another game-changing ingredient is niacinamide that works in helping the skin barrier function well. All these ingredients can be found in the 3 AM India Speed Dial Facemist, thereby making it a great first step for hydration. A skin with a better barrier function is imperative. If it is impaired, you can face issues like inflammation, acne, peeling, dryness and more.

Winter is the time when you can cut down on the exfoliants if you need to, and up the hydration quotient.  If your skin is feeling a little dry, skip washing your face with a face wash in the morning. Instead, just use the face mist,  and go on to dabbing the Baesic ⁠Moisturizer. Once your moisturiser has been absorbed, go straight to the sunscreen.

Don’t forget to use your preferred chapstick on the lips and preferably use one with SPF 30 or above during the daytime. At night, after double cleansing and moisturising, add a few drops of facial oil suited to your skin type if it feels drier than usual. But please avoid it if you are acne-prone. And for dry lips, using a thicker balm is your best bet. Do these and you’ll be ready to take the next few months head-on!

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