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GUT Health

GUT Health

Can your gut health affect your skin? Yes, and here’s how!

What can you do to make sure the gut and skin relationship is such that you get healthy, glowing skin?

Gut health and skin share a symbiotic relationship that you can’t possibly ignore if bright, acne-free skin is what you desire! Apart from taking good care of your skin with the 3 AM Daily Routine Bundle, nourishing the skin with hydration and protecting from the sun, it is also necessary to take care of the gut and skin connection.


How is gut health related to skincare?

Did you know, from adult acne to rosacea and eczema, often when your skin is not behaving well, the answer could lie in the gut? Hence, correcting an imbalance in the gut flora could hold the key to healing. When your gut thrives, so does your immune system and as a result, your skin is more supported than ever. So what could mean optimal gut health that could? When the gut flora is well-balanced – we are talking about the microorganisms that make up one of the key elements of the digestive tract – problems like inflammation, leaky gut can be kept at bay. But when that balance is toppled, the tell-tale signs can often be seen on the skin. Leaky gut and skin rashes are common occurrences. Problems in your gut could also trigger increased breakouts.


How to restore the balance in the gut?

Now, that we have figured out the importance of gut health, it would have you thinking what could you do to restore the balance, right? Probiotics are essential in maintaining gut health. Fermented options like kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi and a tall glass of kombucha could be the fix that you need. Apart from probiotics, prebiotics-rich food like asparagus, banana, garlic, onion and whole grains could be just what the doctor ordered! Even with your skin, several answers can be found in nature, just like skincare and an integral part of the 3 AM philosophy. Here are a few more things you can do for gut health and skin:
● If you have been suffering from long-standing skin issues, check in with your general physician or dermatologist if a probiotic supplement can help you. Never take one without consulting a doctor.
● Overuse of antibiotics isn’t great for gut health! So be mindful and check in with the physician.

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