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What are the 5 rookie mistakes skincare newbies often make and how to avoid them?

What are the 5 rookie mistakes skincare newbies often make and how to avoid them?
What are the 5 rookie mistakes skincare newbies often make and how to avoid them?
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Have you recently begun a skincare routine? If yes, this 3 AM diary is a must-read for you such that you make the mistakes most new entrants to the world of skincare often make. Rest assured, they can make or break your skincare routine!

1. Layering too many actives

- This one is a big no-no as it can often disrupt your skin barrier. We know it is tempting to include Retinols, BHAs and AHAs in your routine but please stop! Pick one or two that are tailored to your skincare needs and ditch the rest before you end up with angry, red and inflamed skin. Also, using too many acids – glycolic, salicylic, lactic and mandelic acids – will result in you facing the woes of over-exfoliating.

2. Using anti-ageing creams and missing sunscreen:

So you have started with a new anti-ageing routine and you feel great about it! Perfect. But are you strict about using a sunscreen every day, no matter rain or shine? If not, then no fancy retinol or peptides will work well if you don’t protect the skin against the UVA/UVB rays. Choose a sunscreen that you would want to use, no matter the weather. The 3 AM Sundowner SPF 50, with adequate protection comes in handy.

3. Not Applying moisturiser on damp skin:

If your skin is damp – not soaking wet – your moisturiser does a better job of hydration and locking in the moisture. You could also invest in a multi-purpose mist like the 3 AM Speed Dial Face Mist.

4. Forgetting your neck, chest and hands:

if you are pampering your face with serums and creams make sure to extend the same love and care to your neck, chest and hands too! They need hydration and sun protection too.

5. Changing skincare routines often:

Most skin care products, barring a few exceptions, take time to work. So if you toss out a product because it didn’t show results in a week, then you are irritating your skin by changing things frequently and also wasting your hard-earned cash! Depending on the treatment product, serum or active give them a few months to show results.

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