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Can a single product helps with maskne?

Can a single product helps with maskne?

Can a single product help with maskne, repair, hydrate and even set your
makeup? Yes and here are the details!


A hint of cooling mist on your face on a hot summer day that can ultimately result in you having
glowing skin? Could one product possibly be such an integral part of your skincare routine? Yes,
we are talking about the 3 AM Speed Dial Face Mist. Most of the ingredients in this mist are
proven superstars for the skin. It is a powerhouse formula where the best of science and nature
meet and here’s all that this one product can do:
● It is a hydrating but light face spray that can be used after a workout to freshen up after
your gym session. Thanks to the aloe vera, which is a great humectant that works in
soothing and moisturising at the same time. The best bit? It is non-comedogenic as well!
● Did you know that it can be used as a toner too? The 3 AM Speed Dial mist could easily
be the second step in your skincare routine before your move on with your serum and
● Need a makeup setting spray? The 3 AM Speed Dial Face Mist can do that for you too.
Use it after you have finished with your makeup and the mist will make sure it stays on
for longer.
● You wouldn't need a separate aftershave either if you keep this mist handy. The allantoin
in it soothes the skin, whereas glycerin and lactic acid among others moisturise and
helps with keeping post-shave inflammation at bay.
● The goodness of tea tree and neem are great ingredients to combat maskne as well.
● Niacinamide is excellent for the lipid barrier of your skin, helps with hyperpigmentation,
regulates sebum and has anti-ageing benefits as well! That’s one stellar ingredient and
the mist has it.
● Also, licorice in the mist is beneficial in brightening the skin as well.
From anti-ageing ingredients to acne-fighting benefits and even an after-shave, is there
anything the 3 AM Speed Dial Face Mist can't do? It is indeed your versatile #skinbff.

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