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Spend vs Save - Where to Invest in your Skincare

Spend vs Save - Where to Invest in your Skincare

Skincare is healthcare.

Glowing skin is not just a sign of beauty but also health. It is a representation of our lifestyle and how much TLC we shower on it regularly.

Due to pollution, stressful routines, and hectic schedules, it is easy to neglect skincare and use products hastily. On the other hand, it is also easy to splurge on multiple  skincare products out of guilt or fear of skin-related concerns. Both these scenarios can have negative effects on the skin as well as the pocket.

This is why it is important to learn about the  best skincare products and which ones you don’t really need to spend on. Of course, there are also some you can never ignore or take for granted. This article covers both sides of the spectrum.

Skincare essentials you can SAVE on

The products in this list are essential, of course, but you don’t need to go all out on them. Let’s take a closer look:

Face masks

Face masks are the rage right now and we know you are tempted to jump onto the bandwagon and try the best available  face care products. However, you can just pick a budget-friendly face mask and it’ll do the job just fine.

Lip balms

  • Keys
  • Mobile
  • Wallet
  • Mask
  • Lip balm

Most people ensure they have all these items before they step out. And, there’s no denying that lip balms are crucial as they protect the lips from flaking and cracking. Many also come with SPF for UV protection. The main ingredients in lip balms are beeswax, vitamin E, and petroleum jelly. None of these is expensive. So, why burn a hole in your pocket while buying lip balms?

P.S. When it comes to lip balms, we only recommend  natural skin care products because chemicals can be harsh and damaging.


Toners are mostly water and aim to balance the skin’s pH by cleansing and moisturising it. Before applying other  face care products, you must use toner but why pay so much for it? Any good quality, affordable toner will suffice.

Skincare essentials you must SPEND on

In some cases, you must settle for nothing less than the  best skincare products. We have enlisted our top recommendation that you can splurge on guilt-free.

Face mist

Face mist is one of those  skin products that serves as a toner, hydrating serum, make-up setting spray, and an after-shave. It works to refresh you and even the skin tone along with reducing acne spots, inflammation, etc. There is no reason why you shouldn’t spend on the best available  face care products, thus.


The sun is important for our health but it can also be very harmful to the skin. Without adequate skin protection, you may end up with rashes and sunburns. The skin also ages faster and loses its elasticity. We recommend that you purchase a good  SPF 50 sunscreen with no parabens, sulphates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, or phthalates to protect yourself from the harmful rays while getting some much-needed Vitamin D.


Winters dawn on us like a warning to quickly upgrade our moisturisers! Low-quality moisturisers will not be able to handle the dryness that winter causes. Pamper your skin by purchasing a  highly-rated moisturiser  and your skin will thank you all year round!


Choosing the  best organic skincare products in India is slightly daunting because there are so many choices and you don’t know where to spend your money! We hope this article erased some of that confusion and gave you clear direction in the beautiful world of  skincare essentials.


At 3AM, we take special efforts to curate relevant, safe, and high-quality  face care products to help you ace your skincare routine. We invite you to explore our website to go through our offerings.

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