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How to Layer your Skincare in Winter

How to Layer your Skincare in Winter

Is it really important to apply SPF before eye cream? Or what if you apply your face oil after your moisturiser? Simply put: YES. The appropriate skincare products are vital, but how you use them is just as essential. If you apply your skincare products in the right sequence, your skin will receive the full benefits of each one.

Let's finally put an end to the ongoing discussion concerning product layering. How well your skin will absorb skincare products is closely tied to the sequence in which you apply them. There is a general rule of thumb: apply your skincare from thin to thicker to maximize the benefits of your products. In other words, liquid products like toners and serums should be applied first, followed by oil-based, creamy, whipped treatments.

Your skin type, problems, and choices will all be determining factors in the answer to this inquiry. Less may be preferred by sensitive skin types, while more may be desired by aging and acne-prone skin types.

How to layer your skincare in winter


Without robbing your skin of its natural moisture, this face wash leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft. Every time you wash your skin, the combination of moisturizing ingredients calms it, giving it a healthy glow. Our TVACH Face Wash helps you get instant freshness while taking off makeup and impurities without removing your skin's natural oils.


A hydrating face spray that serves as an after-shave mist, toner, and makeup setting spray. Your stressed-out skin receives an immediate boost while being calmed and soothed. Quick absorption and zero sticky residues are both benefits. Our speed dial face mist gives you an instant boost of glow & hydration.

Step 3: SERUM

Every skin type will get an advantage from this all-in-one serum. Our Serum for Hydration and Collagen helps by providing your skin with the daily moisture boost it needs. The combination of 0.5% Ceramides and 2% Hyaluronic Acid increases skin suppleness, aids in moisture retention, and provides an all-around long-lasting moisturising effect. This is a daily-use serum that you can use all year long. For optimal results, apply serum while your skin is slightly wet from face wash, toner, or face mist.


Finally, apply a moisturiser to lock in your entire routine. Moisturisers typically have a thicker consistency that makes them penetrate into your skin slower than other products. 

Our Baesic moisturiser is a gel cream hybrid that works great in the morning as well as at night. It is a perfect blend of plant actives & humectants to seal in moisture & shield your skin effectively.

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