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Sustainability: One step at a time with 3AM

Sustainability: One step at a time with 3AM

In a woke world where everyone is or is trying to become more conscious of their habits in order to be more sustainable, everyone looks out for things or brands that also align with the same vision of sustainability. Sustainability is of paramount importance due to several key reasons:

Environmental protection: Ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resources are all protected by sustainability. Sustainable practices help to lessen the effects of climate change, protect natural habitats, and guarantee that future generations can enjoy a healthy planet by decreasing waste, conserving water and energy, and minimising pollution.

Economic prosperity: Sustainability encourages long-term, ethical business practices, which in turn promotes economic prosperity. Sustainable businesses place a high value on moral behavior and socially conscious behavior and lower their operating expenses. Thus ensuring economic sustainability

Resilience: By lowering dependency on finite resources, minimising waste, and adjusting to shifting social and environmental situations, sustainability fosters resilience. Sustainable business and community practice support the development of stronger, more adaptable systems as well as disaster preparedness and response.

Since we at 3AM believe that taking small but sure steps can help in the greater aim of sustainable development goals, we do our bit by constantly making small changes towards making ourselves an eco-friendly brand.

Packaging (PCR packages):

Using PCR plastic, which is made from recycled plastic, is one of the important steps we chose to take in order to reduce the waste generated. Since they can be widely recycled and then reprocessed into a resin, they are used to create new packaging. Giving packaging a second life, this process reduces the amount of plastic waste.

Plant-based derivates: 

When it comes to choosing our ingredients at 3AM, we are not picky about whether they are FDA-approved or not, but we proudly use plant-based derivatives, which helps in making sure that we are leaving as minimal a carbon footprint as possible.

Multifunctional products:

Our ingredients have multifunctional purposes. The multiple ways our products can be used further declutter and reduce the number of products used. For example, our best-selling product and our personal favourite, 3AM Everyday Speed Dial Face Mist, can not only be used as a hydrating mist but as a toner, makeup setting spray, and after-shave spray too. Further, if someone is dealing with acne caused by masks, this multipurpose product can be used instead of buying a separate product.

At 3AM, we count the uses our one product can provide while you keep counting the number of bills you spend on your multiple products. Psst. this is your sign to go buy 3AM skincare (wink..wink..)

Ethical sourcing: 

All our ingredients are ethically sourced. By doing so we chose to move towards a responsible and sustainable approach to sourcing. This helps us in making sure that everyone involved in the cycle from workers to the land all are operated in a safe environment. 

Promoting conscious shoppers: 

In the process of promoting multifunctional products, we are urging everyone to become a conscious shopper. This helps us as a brand promote the concept of sustainable development, leading to a considerable reduction in the waste generated, resources used in production, and the carbon footprint left behind. As a brand, we want to ensure environmental sustainability for a secure future.

The steps we take make sure that we are doing our part to ensure that the environment and sustainability concepts are taken care of. Join us as we take a step ahead and heal our skin, body, and mind with a sustainable approach.

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