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Do you need to apply a sunscreen in winters?

Do you need to apply a sunscreen in winters?

As winter cozies in and our days get shorter, it's totally understandable if the thought of slathering on sunscreen takes a back seat. Because the sun feels less damaging and the air has that crisp, cool vibe it’s understandable. But let's discuss something very important: Is sunscreen still our winter BFF? You betcha! In this blog, we're going to dive into why rocking sunscreen is a year-round love affair, even on those days when the sun plays a little hard to get. 

Understanding winter sun exposure:

  1. Persistent UV Rays: UV rays are present all year, regardless of the season. Despite being less hazardous, they can nonetheless do considerable damage to the skin. Not only this, but UV rays can be sneaky. Especially UVA rays, which aren't visible but can penetrate through clouds, glass, water, and even clothing.

  1. Amplifying UV rays on different surfaces: While it is true that a lot of UV rays are filtered before they enter our atmosphere, the ground also reflects these rays. For instance, snow can reflect up to 80% of UV radiation, dry beach sand can reflect 15%, and seafoam can reflect 25%.

Why winter sunscreen matters:

Sunscreen for face and for that matter any exposed body part is crucial for a variety of reasons. Below are the major reasons why you should consider against skimping on sunscreen:

  1. Preventing skin damage: UV rays can penetrate clouds and windows, leading to cumulative skin damage. Sunscreen forms a protective barrier, reducing the risk of sunspots, wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging.

  2. Lower Sun Angle: During winter, the sun sits at a lower angle in the sky. While this may reduce the intensity of direct sunlight, it also means that UV rays have a more extended path through the atmosphere, potentially causing more harm.

  3. Maintaining skin health: Sunscreen is not just about preventing sunburn; it's about maintaining overall skin health. Exposure to UV rays can weaken the skin's barrier function, leading to dryness and redness and an increased risk of various skin conditions.

Special Considerations:

  1. Altitude Matters: If you're planning a winter vacation in the mountains, keep in mind that UV radiation increases with altitude. Sunscreen becomes even more crucial in such scenarios to protect your skin from the heightened sun exposure.

  2. Window Protection: Working from home with sunlight streaming through the window means UV rays can penetrate glass, meaning you're still at risk even when indoors. Applying sunscreen, especially to exposed areas, is a simple but effective preventive measure.

Choosing the Right Winter Sunscreen:

Choosing the best sunscreen for face will take you a long way from shielding to protecting your skin from wrinkles, sunburn, skin cancer etc. The question comes: how to choose the right one, and what is the best spf for face for everyday use?

  1. Broad-Spectrum Protection: Opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. This ensures comprehensive protection against the entire range of harmful radiation. Best sunscreen option is one with spf 50.

  2. Appropriate SPF: While the sun might feel less intense in winter, using an appropriate Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is crucial. Dermatologists recommend at least SPF 30 or higher. But going for spf 50 is the best way to shield your skin on a daily basis.

  3. Hydration and Moisture: Winter often brings dry and cold air, which can be harsh on the skin. Choose a sunscreen with added moisturizing properties to keep your skin hydrated. Our Sundowner Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++ is the best choice for this, with hydrating ingredients like cucumber it’ll not only protect but also provide hydration on the go. If you are looking for a sunscreen for oily skin, this is your sign to get your hands on Sundowner Sunscreen. 

Busting common myths about sunscreen:

  1. Only for Sunny Days: Sunscreen is not just for bright, sunny days. Since UV radiation can still be seen on gloomy or overcast days, wearing sunscreen every day is essential all year round.

  2. Not for darker skin tones: Darker skin tones are also susceptible to sun damage, which can result in skin cancer and hyperpigmentation. Regardless of skin tone, everyone has to wear sunscreen.


So, here's the thing! Slathering on sunscreen during the winter is a big deal. Even if the sun feels a bit shy, it still has the potential to mess with your skin. Keeping your skin happy and healthy is as easy as making sunscreen your sidekick all year. 

Picture this: as the winter chill rolls in, let your skincare routine be like a cozy blanket with a generous dollop of sunscreen. Make it a habit, and your skin will be singing your praises, not just during winter but for ages to come. 

Just a friendly reminder: Treating your skin right is a 24/7 gig! P.s. Our End of season sale will be live soon. Keep your eyes out for great offers!!

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