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Managing Winter Acne: Tips for Clear Skin in the Chilly Months

Managing Winter Acne: Tips for Clear Skin in the Chilly Months

Each season brings with it an onset of different challenges that require unique care. Winters are right around the corner and it’s the season of hot chocolates and snug evenings. But one thing that deserves a stand-alone mention is Winter acne.

We know that most of us attribute acne to summers and sweat but these pesky skin bumps can be aggravated by so many other factors. In this blog, let us take a look at the reasons behind our skin breaking out in winter. 


What is Winter Acne?

Winter acne is a pretty common condition and if you have struggled with it in the past, we suggest you read along. The low levels of humidity during winter can send your skin glands into overdrive to produce more oil. This leads to clogged pores which results in acne, blackheads, whiteheads, forehead acne, acne lesions etc. 

One of the main reasons for the pimples on the cheeks during winter is dryness. The cold weather can dry up the natural moisture levels of your skin and leave it feeling very dehydrated. 


Why Is Skin Breaking Out In Winters Common?

Let us explore some common reasons for acne in winter:

  • Lifestyle Changes 

As soon as we experience that good old nip in the air, we tend to crave hot beverages and as the winter progresses, we start enjoying our time in our cosy cocoon instead of going out and about to run errands or engage in any kind of outdoor physical activity. These kinds of diet and lifestyle changes can augment the incidents of skin breakouts in winter. 

  • Low humidity levels 

As your skin’s natural defence to low levels of humidity outside, it will produce more oil. This also aggregates winter acne. Furthermore, heaters and dryers also enhance skin dryness and cause your skin to break out. 


How To Prevent Winter Acne?

Skincare is one of the most effective ways to manage winter acne. When categorical skincare works in synergy with a balanced lifestyle, one can effectively manage winter acne. 

Let us take a look at some ways to prevent your skin from breaking out in winter:

  • Take Care Of Your Skin’s Hydration Levels

No matter if you want to treat acne for dry skin or oily skin, it is imperative for you to drink plenty of water in winter. This will keep your skin healthy and hydrated and will also keep the sebum production in check. In addition to drinking enough water, you can also try out 3AM’s speed dial face mist to ensure that your skin’s hydration levels never go for a toss! 

  • Gentle Cleansing

As a general rule of thumb, stay away from harsh cleaners. Use a gentle face wash to cleanse your face and purge all dust, germs and impurities. You can use 3AM’s face wash that is enriched with the goodness of lactic acid and hyaluronic acid. 

  • Exfoliation 

Gentle exfoliation is very important for opening clogged pores and thoroughly cleansing your skin. In addition to mild exfoliators and skin scrubs, you can also try out 3AM’s AHA BHA PHA serum as the hydroxy acids in this serum can gently exfoliate your skin and reveal a beautiful glow. 

  • Moisturise 

This is one of the most important steps of skincare. Use a good moisturiser that can keep your skin hydrated while reinforcing its natural protection barrier. This will also effectively inhibit moisture loss. You can also use 3AM’s body lotion after a bath or before sleep to keep your skin properly hydrated and keep acne for dry skin at bay. 

  • Thoughtful Selection Of Skincare Products 

You can use an acne serum or any other product that augments the efficacy of your skincare regime. A mindful selection of skincare products is very important to ensure that your skin can brave the winter chill in the best possible manner. 

While you figure out the best ways to manage the causes of your skin breaking out in winter, we suggest you go for a well-rounded approach that incorporates carefully selected skincare products and a balanced lifestyle. You can visit 3AM’s website and choose skincare products that resonate with your skincare goals. Once you have your self-care routine sorted, you will be able to navigate the winters with a glowing face. 


Frequently Asked Questions On Managing Winter Acne 

Q. Why do I get acne during winter?

A: One of the main reasons for forehead acne and pimples during the winter months is dryness and low humidity levels. 

Q. Is it normal for acne to get worse in winter?

A: Yes. It is pretty common for acne to worsen in winter. A well-charted winter skincare routine for oily skin or dry skin can effectively manage winter acne. 

Q. Is it normal to get acne on your arms in winter?

A: Yes. It is normal to get acne on your arms during winter.

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